View Full Version : Help..I'm Freezing

20-Nov-05, 14:05
My LPG Combi Boiler has just packed up on me. Can anyone recommend a reliable heating engineer?

I know that sometimes repairs can costs a fortune on an older boiler, so I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the Electric Combi Boilers that are now on the market?

Or is Oil a better option, and what would it cost to change from LPG to Oil?

20-Nov-05, 15:54
We put in an oil boiler about 5 years ago as it was a cheaper option (running costs etc) at the time. One of my workmates converted from LPG to oil about a year before and he reckoned in 3 years he would recoup the cost of changing with the savings on his fuel bill. Nowadays i don't know about LPG costs but our oils costs have soared so i don't know if the difference is still there or as good as it was. I presume that the cost of LPG has increased too but dont know if it has at the same rate as oil maintaining the differential.

20-Nov-05, 16:03
I would imagine a electric combo boiler would be cheaper to run because its heating instantly as you need and the advantage with that is its a lot smaller so u will have more space than the traditional boilers.