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02-May-08, 14:45
Does anyone keep their cat indoors? I for one do, because i here so much on the .Org and posters in frasers and other areas with "Missing Cat" and "Have you seen Pedro?" lol. I get worried so i keep her in, and my friend keeps his cats indoors to.

02-May-08, 15:05
Absolutely, it is the only way to keep them safe these days.

03-May-08, 20:27
Our cat is also an indoor cat and has always been, I do let her out in the garden sometimes to get some grass, and then she vomits it all over the house !

tracy x
03-May-08, 21:43
all four of my cats live indoors but i am considering building a huge outdoor pen that they can go in to from the house if the mood takes them x
they have always lived indoors as we lived on a really busy road in Kent, but now we are here in beautiful Caithness i would love them to feel the sea breeze on their fur without the risk of them running off or being stolen.

04-May-08, 13:48
We have 7 cats and they all live indoors. It's horrendous what you read in the news sometimes and i know i would worry myself sick so our girls and boys are all housecats and some of them have always been so. My two boys used to get out before they came to live with us but they seem quite happy to live indoors now. They have plenty of toys and each other to keep them busy, not to mention them running up and down the stairs from time to time, so they also keep themselves fit.:lol:[lol]

07-May-08, 15:30
I have 2 cats and they are both indoor cats and have always been.

16-May-08, 04:20
I have just the one cat, my daughter nagged me to take. I was reluctant as I had lost cats to cars and one to a freak accident. Another badly injured by a car. In the end I said I would let her have it if it was never allowed out.

I was wary even of this because heard stories of them needing declawed if kept inside. But she is very happy inside has lots of toys and recieves lots of attention everyone calls her my cat, though she is now MY cat so they can all get lost.

She also has lots of scratch pads so the furniture and ourselves are relatively intact [lol]

I would never have an outdoor cat again, I can still remember all the worrying times when they did not come home for ages or not at all. :(

16-May-08, 12:19
We don't need a cat, there are plenty that yomp around our garden anyway!
I don't really see the point in keep a cat indoors, you go outside do you not? Why deny the fun to the cat when it probably has more street sense than most adults I know :roll:

16-May-08, 12:44
My indoor cat fell out the window once chasing a moth we think at night. She did not have fun on the outside and hid under an old carpet for ages til we found her. She was very frightened as she is used to being inside I don't think she would like to go out.

Fair enough if we had let her out from the start she would but it is strange to her she is a good few years old and has run of the house, lots of posts and toys and plenty of attention. She does not seem unhappy at all.

I chose not to have anymore cats after losing several to roads they do seem to be prone to getting hit. Bad road sense, bad drivers, who knows. I have often seen a car sit and sit at side of the road and then try cross as the car is nearer them, perhaps fear of the car makes them edgy or just plain stupidity :lol:

But gave in to my daughter, have not regretted it, I used to feel really guilty cos it seemed natural for a cat to be independant and out. It seems to have worked out though