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20-Nov-05, 04:30
rab adams of macrae and dick, harbour road, inverness is the person to see if you are buying a car. very helpful and friendly...plus a free cup of coffee.

20-Nov-05, 22:31
Macrae and crook,i could make far more entertaining names for them but i would be banned from the message boards! Went there to look at a civic and a focus, for a comparason(i wouldnt actually buy either i would stick to astras), but they offered me the worst price for my astra and would not do a discount on either car(diffrent salesmen for ford and honda) And one told me that they had to knock 17.5%(the VAT) off the price of my trade in becos they have to pay the vat on the full amount when they sell the car. When i got home i asked about this and i was told it was a lot of rubbish!The price they offered me was the trade in price from their guide less the VAT, and I seen the guide in wick and there was nowhere mentioning this in the value guide.And all the bloke in honda tryed to do when i looked discusted was try to sell me a rover mg thing!
And they had the neck to say astras were basiclly rubbish, and are crap sellers.That was funny cos my old car(i did by another astra) was resold within a few days and its still in wick.

20-Nov-05, 22:34
Just wondering butIf they are so great why dont you trade in your old car youve been trying to sell for ages?

20-Nov-05, 23:20
LOL I know someone that looked at a brand new car from them they wanted 18 grand or so. The guy said nah too dear I can get the same car elsewhere for 13 grand, the best they could offer was knocking 2 grand off. The salesman couldnt understand why the guy didnt jump at the deal LOL!! The best thing is if the car ever has any trouble then it will go to inverness to get fixed as it is the nearest dealer for warranty work LOL!! What a bummer loosing out on a sale cause you are thousands too dear and then having to do all the servicing and warranty work.