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the charlatans
01-May-08, 15:20
There is a wee secret up in Mey, there is a new shop called Peedie Puckles. Its on the exit road from the Castle of Mey near Harrow Harbour on the coastal road.

It sells mostly touristy stuff but there are some lovely gifts in there.

We wish Jenny and Jimmy all the best with the shop.

01-May-08, 15:31
Have been hearing about this "Peedie Pucklies" (love the name; means "small amounts" in the Caithness vernacular) and I look forward to having a nose around!

And yes, all the best to Jenny and Jimmy; remember your friends when you make your fortune.......;)

05-May-08, 10:26
went in on way back from Castle on saturday, really nice shop and very friendly,some nice little nicnacs reasonably priced as well

the charlatans
25-May-08, 20:09
Now selling ice lollies in Peedie Puckles shop, West Mey.
I have to ask you to be buy some or I'll end up with a second mortgage and a very fat hubby - he is a self confessed ice-cream piggy and we live too close for him not to become addicted.......

Was in today and she's got some very low priced childrens gifts, we came away with a new bucket and spade and boats for the bathtub all for 3. Lots of pocket money presents. Also there are some CD's in there for you Manson Grant and Daniel MacPhee fans. And some really lovely gifts such as kilt jewellery, clocks, china winebagos (surfer dude caravans) and money boxes.

But please help my hubby's addiction and buy up the ice lollies before he does!

07-May-10, 22:29
Best shop north of Harrods!!!!:lol:

25-May-10, 19:03
I was out for a drive this afternoon and stopped at "Peedie Puckles". What a lovely little shop, very nice woman and so helpful as well. I bought a Couple of Peedie things and I can say I will go back sometime soon. Well worth a visit if you are nearby.

29-May-10, 20:53
Great shop and very friendly service must pop by again when i've 4 hours to spare...........!!!! :D

29-May-10, 23:17
Have always found a warm welcome from the charming owner and have never come out without a purchase.