View Full Version : Recommend a solicitor/estate agent

24-Apr-08, 15:10
My friend is looking to sell her house and isn't sure which estate agent to use, just wondering if anyone on here could recommend one or maybe warn her which ones to avoid?!?!


Penelope Pitstop
24-Apr-08, 15:41
They're all out to get your hard earned cash. Look for the one who charges the least % for selling it. Check out the small print for how much they charge you to advertise it as well.....so what I'm really saying is that they should do their research.

Won't go slagging any off on here tho' or may end up on a slander charge:lol:

25-Apr-08, 11:32
Personally recommend the one that isn't a solicitor - they have the best website.

25-Apr-08, 13:03
Noticed one in the Groat today with a set price for selling no matter what price your house is.

28-Apr-08, 09:49
the one advertised in the groat is very good! I had young robertson for mine & they were a nightmare!