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20-Apr-08, 19:49
Having paid my first visit in a good while to the waterfront nightclub last i can seriously say it was my last ever visit. First of it was 7 to get in for a disco and a crappy sounding one at that. I walked in through the door and the first thing that hit me was the disgusting sour smell yuk it made my stomach turn so i very quickly walked back out again. Wont be going back in a hurry.

20-Apr-08, 20:08
I've found this the case with every nightclub that I've been in since the smoking ban. You should have stuck it out - later on the smell gets masked with the smell of BO!!

I don't envy nightclub owners. A high percentage of the customers show very little respect for the place. Last time I was in the waterfront (1st time in 10 years) I was the designated driver and I lost count of the number of drinks spilt near me or on me. . . . I've vowed never to be designated driver again as I probably wouildn't have minded so much if I'd been worse for wear!!!

21-Apr-08, 10:55
You think Wick is bad, you should try Thurso. The smell when you go in (stale smoke and sweat) is powerful stuff. when you get over that you should try going into the ladies toilet's, You normally need a clothes pin on your nose and be sure to wear welly boots. You dont need to drink to much as you can get high on the stench

22-Apr-08, 10:12
Actually, if you go to the toilets at the beginning of evening, they are clean and fresh smelling - can't imagine how on earth they deteriorate throughout the evening :roll: Nothing to do with the lack of respect from 'punters' :eek: