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18-Apr-08, 19:59
Just had the most relaxing couple of hours ever. Booked up to have a massage with 'Healing Hands' She came to the house ( everyone was out) so that I didn't even have to drive afterwards absolutly recommend her to you all. If you want the details phone her on 07973984655 I' m going again soon

19-Apr-08, 01:29
Not meaning to be fussy Vee, but, how can you 'go again soon' when she comes to the house? Obviously the massage was that good it threw you.:lol:

19-Apr-08, 17:01
I was gone man total gone!

But I am sure you all knew what I meant didn't you

19-Apr-08, 21:24
What like are the prices??

23-Apr-08, 18:03
What like are the prices??

Between 25 and 28 and worth every penny