View Full Version : Bob is missing

18-Apr-08, 07:33
Our half grown kitten has been missing since Wednesday night.
There are loads of unfamiliar cats fighting around our area at the moment and we think he has been scared away.
If you have seen him please contact us on 01955605865.
Please check your garages and sheds incase he has been trapped inside.

18-Apr-08, 10:50
Sorry to here that Evelyn. Hope you find him soon.

18-Apr-08, 11:43
He's just come home....I think he may have been shut in at Hendrys yard.
Typical after I spent an hour this morning trying to work out how to post a photo!!!!
He's a bit jumpy but neither him or me can stop purring!!!

18-Apr-08, 12:18
Just saw your post and am so glad he's home!!!!:D

18-Apr-08, 13:04
Thanks Annie and Liz.
He's sound asleep now after a good prowl around the house.
Even grumpy old Minnie seems more settled now he's home!

18-Apr-08, 18:05
See Minnie loves him really!:lol:

He's a bonny wee cat. Think he'll be staying in tonight after his night out!

18-Apr-08, 19:50
Liz, he's going berserk in the garden.......but no further!!!
Any ideas on how to get rid o all the other moggies that are intruding on his patch?
Its getting so bad that they are nipping in our porch windows if we leave them open.....then he's scared to come in... he's a real coward.

18-Apr-08, 19:55
That is a problem Evelyn.

I use a Catwatch which does deter other cats from coming into the back garden and doesn't bother my own for some reason.

The only other thing I can think of is to get one of these kid's toy gun 'thingys' where you can spray them with water!