View Full Version : Otters in Wick?

17-Apr-08, 18:33
I've seen otters between Reiss and Keiss playing in the dunes a few years ago and wondered if any had been seen on the river through Wick this year. Or maybe along the coast in the Wick area. I would love to get some photoes of this illusive animal.

17-Apr-08, 19:47
Seen one in the burn that runs from wick river up through lower gillock farm last week.

17-Apr-08, 20:27
I saw an otter in Wick harbour in Jan. About 50 yds from the launderette. I've been told the salmon parr come down the river at this time - I asked the keeper about this because I saw a Gannet fly through town up river at the same time.

17-Apr-08, 20:30
Forgot to say if you want pics and aren;t fussy about location try Thurso town centre - I've seen as many as 3 at once - from the surf cafe up to bridge - theres a overhang outside the surf cafe, they stand on the sewarage pipe quite often.

south view 7
17-Apr-08, 20:34
Often see them between the life boat shed and the quarry at the south head.

17-Apr-08, 20:39
thanx for the information i shall have to check out the surf cafe next time i pop into thurso (smithp) i daresay i will get chance to explore the burn sooner so i will keep em peeled and see if i can get a few shots of them:)