View Full Version : "Lampshade"/Elizabethan collars on cats/dogs

16-Apr-08, 13:45
My cat has had a cut above his eye for over a month so we've finally had to give in and buy a "lampshade" collar which I'm going to put on him tonight. I'm not looking forward to it because I know how much he's going to hate it!! (If only he would listen when I tell him to stop scratching his cut!!!)

Just wondered what experiences other cat (or dog) owners have had with these collars. Did your pet get used to wearing it, or did they hate it? How long did you have to keep it on them for?

16-Apr-08, 14:34
He hasn't got a bit of claw or anything in the cut thats making him keep opening it? I ask as it can be hard to see. I got a splinter that took 6 weeks of picking and healing over before it came out my finger so I know how annoying it is.

16-Apr-08, 16:47
I don't think so. The cut is really clean but quite big, about the size of a 1p and its getting close to his eye. Ill have to pin him down tonight to get the collar on so will hopefully get a good look at it to see if there's anything in it. Thanks for that.

16-Apr-08, 17:50
my greyhond had to have one on for a month, after he took off chasing a cat in around the skeigh.... wrong spelling i know...cafe outside inverness...anyway he came back out of the bushes with a deep slash along the top of his head...anyway had to watch him ...but he did get used to it...better using it as they just keep opening the cut up....worse if infection sets in...good luck