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15-Apr-08, 09:24
does anyone up in caithness own snakes, if so where do you source mice? I'm returning home from uni with 2 corn snakes and was wondering where people get mice from?


15-Apr-08, 13:35
I go down to Granton on Spey now for mine and buy in bulk, I don't know of anywhere up here that supply them.

17-Apr-08, 19:40
Pet shops up here don't have frozen mice. I have asked a number of times, but apparently the mice thaw out before they reach here and are useless. I get my mice from Elgin. Wrapped up in plenty of newspaper they have always been fine.

Another option is to buy a pair of mice and breed them, take the babies and put them in the freezer. This method is how they get the mice for pet shops.

Hope this helps.

18-Apr-08, 14:48
i started breeding rats for mine and i gas them to kill them