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17-Nov-05, 11:13
I have a large garden and I enjoy seeing birds, so, it was no surprise to me to learn that to encourage birds into the garden then it is preferable to plant native species of plants.

Well here is a website from the natural history museum that will find all the plants that are native to a specific area, you just simply enter the postcode for your area, mine being KW14.

Native plant finder (http://www.nhm.ac.uk/nature-online/life/plants-fungi/postcode-plants/index.html)


17-Nov-05, 19:02
A fantasic site for gardeners. Thanks for posting it. Had no idea there were cloudberries in KW14 area. -H

17-Nov-05, 20:05
This is a great link - thanks for posting it.

Weird thing happened though - when I put in the postcode for Wick - KW1 - the heading says "Wick & the Island of Strone" I've done a search on google & can't find such an island - would it be Stroma do you think?

18-Nov-05, 01:14
They are obviously getting Stroma and Scone mixed up, aww Bless!:o

Mother Bear
12-Dec-05, 09:39
What a brilliant site this is, thanks for finding it. I am starting a new job as a gardener in January and this info will come in really handy!