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12-Apr-08, 09:11
Can anyone recommend a decent hairdresser, i have just had my hair cut (I won't say where), I asked for "a bob without layers, all one length, but graduated". What I got was what can only be described as a layered, short back and sides! And now because of all the layers it sticks out in all directions and looks nothing like a bob.
Did I ask for the wrong thing, is there a special name for this style up here?

Please help, I think I might have to change my name to Skinhead until it grows out!

12-Apr-08, 09:51
Frances at Janettes in Cowie Lane, Thurso is an excellent hairdresser. She listens to what you want and does just that!

She also does mobile hairdressing.

12-Apr-08, 09:58
Thanks for that Poppett, I'm gonna have to let this grow out first but I will bear that in mind. I am actually nearer Wick than Thurso but that doesn't matter. Cheers!

12-Apr-08, 12:07
I HATE when that happens, its so annoying. It like that if you ask for a certain colour, they do something totally different.

12-Apr-08, 13:43
I go to Headlines in Union St Wick, never had a problem. You get what you ask for.

12-Apr-08, 13:53
I go to Headlines in Union St Wick, never had a problem. You get what you ask for.You mean to say you asked for a heid like that? :eek:

12-Apr-08, 15:36
I go to harbour hi lights and lynne does such a great job of my hair and always has, Ive been going there for about a year now, before that i had several hairdressers to see which one i liked and they all seemed to cut my hair short and not what i wanted. Lynne has spent time and patience with my hair and my hair is lovely now and people actually comment on it now. I would certainly recommend her and she is even great with my daughter, my daughter is 5 and wont let anyone else cut her hair.

12-Apr-08, 16:02
Thanks to everyone for your comments, it would appear Headlines and Harbour Hi-Lights are the two most popular. I will say I didn't go to either of them but will definitely try them now.
Cheers All x

12-Apr-08, 17:04
You mean to say you asked for a heid like that? :eek:

Gone are the days of DIY, you should try the hairdresser sometime!
And on the subject of hair maybe ditch yer waxing strips too:lol:

12-Apr-08, 21:05
I go to denas in henrietta street and i always get what i ask for brilliant lot of girls would highly reccomend

12-Apr-08, 22:28
I think Amanda Steven at Blow Your Top in Thurso is really great, and she can really work a bob in my opinion.

Also, it may help if you can take a pic with you of what you want. I did that last time I went for a change of do, and I was thrilled with the results:D!

13-Apr-08, 18:13
The best hairdresser's in Wick is Curl up n' Dye (used to be Streaks Ahead) they are absolutely fantastic. I have tried some of the best hairdresser's when I lived in Yorkshire and can honestly say that Curl up n' Dye are the best I have been to.

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18-Apr-08, 12:02
i have to also agree that Curl up and Dye are the best hairdressers i have ever used -Louise is absolutely fantastic -she listens and will give advice and suggestions if thats what you want. customers are treated as friends and with courtesy and respect -Louise has really transformed the place and is enthusiastic about her craft - a real professional.


18-Apr-08, 14:29
i have a really bad hair problem and stopped using a hairdresser or barber years ago ............... i'm bald lmao.:lol: