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31-Mar-08, 23:24
Went to add my compliments to the "Yard" thread but see it is closed.
I went there for a family of 3 meal and was delighted with the food. Cost including drinks was just over 20.00 Food was fresh, well presented and tasted lovely. Will definitely be going back for more.
For price, surroundings, service and taste I highly recommend you try it for yourself.

01-Apr-08, 00:30
I still haven't been along, is it all new bar staff?

I will be taking the family along for a meal soon.

01-Apr-08, 08:55
I can also recommend the yard, Really enjoyed the food on both occassions fresh, well presented, and reasonable priced.

01-Apr-08, 10:18
The food in the Yard is superb, excellent presentation, freshly prepared, quality, only thing was my partners order was not what she ordered but she ate in none the less and thouroughly enjoyed it!! he he

10-Apr-08, 13:31
Hi, I was just wondering has anyone been in Zeros/Sinclairs/The Yard..........(I'm not sure what its called nowadays), for something to eat, since being taken over by the new owner, is it any good?

10-Apr-08, 14:05
It's very nice indeed, I had lunch last week and this week, the place was clean and smelt nice, the staff were polite and the food was great, the service is now a lot quicker, the overall atmosphere I felt has much improved. There is lots to choose from on the menu! Believe me I was being picky as I've had really bad service in there under the old management but it passed my critique with flying colours.

BTW it's now called The Yard :D

10-Apr-08, 21:39
Thanks Julia, planning goin with the family in the next few days !!!

11-Apr-08, 13:35
The food is really good, went for lunch last week and normally I don't go for this sort of thing but for some reason I fancied the sausage and mash. It was ace, butchers sausages on mash with gravy, peas and carrots, nice herbs in it too. It was a huge portion but I cleared the lot, which isn't like me. :)