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07-Apr-08, 17:35
Could anyone help me i found an old book up in my attic,
im looking to get it valued,Its called legends & lyrics by
Adelaide Anne Procter (first series). Its black leather on
the cover with gold writing on it, there is a couple of dates
on it, it was dedicated to someone dated May 1858 & the other
date is 1892, it might not be worth anything but i would
just like to see, if anyone could help that would be great.


07-Apr-08, 17:51
Hallo I'm not able to help with the valuation, but because you've got a name and a date, why dont you do a search for some information on the recipient - if it's interesting enough that just might add to the value of the book . The provenance is all important .

I have an old book with a date and name, and found a most wonderful family and history - now I wont part with the book !

If it's a Scottish family, then it should be quite easy to do some research.

Good luck


11-Apr-08, 22:17
try abebooks.com