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06-Apr-08, 16:53
I enjoy a bit of symbolism and traditions but at what cost.

Just been watching BBC News 24 and the farce of the Bejeing olympic flame being taken from Wembley to Greenwich. Obviously it is being carried by a relay of celebs, sports people and other "worthys". The runner carrying the torch is totally surrounded by numerous jogging policemen in high vis jackets, policemen on bikes and a posse of Bejeing Olympic Security men in blue track suits + a lot of the route is lined by policemen. This is all because of the protests by the pro-Tibet protestors and the anti-Chinese Human Rights mob.

I ask myself, it is really worth it?? Financially, disruption and reputation wise.

percy toboggan
06-Apr-08, 17:11
Makes a mockery of the Olympic spirit and movement....good for the Cops wage packets though...all that o.t.

06-Apr-08, 17:12
Good for the criminals as well with the police busy protecting a torch.

06-Apr-08, 17:59
What a farce, sport or politics, it was a ridiculous sight on the box

06-Apr-08, 19:36
I certainly don't recall ever seeing such a sight before when the torch has been carried for previous Olympics.
Sadly the people in China only get to see the bits that their leaders want them to see.

06-Apr-08, 22:03
It certainly seems a farce, but that is why the games must go on, if the flame has the same reception wherever it passes through, perhaps the Chinese authorities will get the message. These pictures and the games themselves will be far more effective than any weasel words from our politicians.

06-Apr-08, 22:10
as a point of interest...

06-Apr-08, 22:54
Interesting bit of history.

The Mets finest certainly displayed something akin to the brownshirt thuggery today - the ITV News cameraman knocked to the floor twice, receiving a good kicking on the second occasion, should certainly review his footage and complain about the actions of the police. Wonder if they took advice from the Chinese "olympic officials" on the inner cordon...

06-Apr-08, 22:58
I felt that the protests were a good idea in principle but confess to feeling sorry for Konnie Huq, must have been terrifying for her when they tried to wrestle her for the torch. The honour she may have felt would have diminshed. I am all for peaceful protest but this went too far. I feel that the Chinese government have a lot to answer for.

06-Apr-08, 23:19
IMHO these 'celebs' knew what they were doing - if they feel strongly about the Tibet problem then they should have boycotted the whole thing.


07-Apr-08, 03:29
IMHO these 'celebs' knew what they were doing - if they feel strongly about the Tibet problem then they should have boycotted the whole thing.


110% agree.

Jings, you are bang on an all!


07-Apr-08, 08:05
Besides self promotion, I bet a lot of these celeb torch relay runners were cajoled into taking part because London has the 2012 Olympics and the organisers don't want to do anything that will rock the boat for then.

07-Apr-08, 09:56
“Maybe I’ll write ‘Free Tibet’ on my wrist very small, so only I know I’m protesting.”
Konnie Huq

I'm sure all the Tibetans would appreciate your very small protest...

07-Apr-08, 16:42
just posted on internet news.
Olympic torch snuffed out in Paris (http://uk.rd.yahoo.com/csp/bt/hp/pcm/olympic_torch_snuffed_out_in_paris/*http://uk.news.yahoo.com/skynews/20080407/twl-olympic-torch-snuffed-out-in-paris-3fd0ae9.html)

http://us.i1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/i/my/yplus/csp_pcm_bt_dsl/cms1.my.sp1.yahoo.com/uploads/apr2008/paris_torch_pa_200.jpg (http://uk.rd.yahoo.com/csp/bt/hp/pcm/olympic_torch_snuffed_out_in_paris/*http://uk.news.yahoo.com/skynews/20080407/twl-olympic-torch-snuffed-out-in-paris-3fd0ae9.html)
Sky - The Olympic torch has had to be extinguished four times amid protests by anti-China demonstrators in Paris.

politics and sport should be separate issues but they never are.
Just how long are the Chinese going to pretend they dont have a problem with their reputation in human rights for the people of Nepal.
I for one wouldnt attend their Olympic games,nor will I be watching it.[evil]

07-Apr-08, 17:13
politics and sport should be separate issues but they never are.

When the IOC awarded the 2008 Olympics to China it was a political decision...

07-Apr-08, 17:21
Personally, with China's track record in human rights I don't think they should have been given the Olympics until they had cleaned up their act.

07-Apr-08, 22:14
I agree with you 100% Ricco, but unfortunately they were awarded to China, so I think they should go ahead. The denonstrations are brilliant as long as they don't get out of hand. If that happens we are as bad as them, but peaceful protest around the world may have the desired effect, and will be far more effective than our politicians could ever hope to be.

08-Apr-08, 09:00
OK, so should the Police have stuck their hands behind their backs and allowed the whole procession to be hijacked and descend into what could be a serious public order situation?

Or should we have binned the whole procession?

Politics and sport...never good.

08-Apr-08, 09:23
I did like the demonstration in San Francisco... suspending that huge banner under the bridge - very nice! I agree, now that it is under way the Olympics must go ahead; just have to hope that the demonstrations around the world have the desired effect.

08-Apr-08, 09:47
At least the Aussies have stated that they will not be allowing the Chinese 'secret police' to act as inner escort for the flame as they did in London and Paris.

Some questions were asked about who they actually were, last night on Newsnight. Konnie “Maybe I’ll write ‘Free Tibet’ on my wrist very small, so only I know I’m protesting” Huq stated that they scared her and they appeared to be controlling the whole procession in London. The IOC, Olympics Minister and the Chinese Embassy all refused to answer.

The banner on the GG Bridge in SF is just the opening shot in the SF protests. I expect they'll have a few more up their sleeves...

Kevin Milkins
08-Apr-08, 10:11
I was hoping that the olympics would be all about sport.I turn on the telly to the farce and turn it back off again. I have already lost interest and it hasn't even started yet.Once again I feel sorry for the sports people of the world that have prepared themselves to the highest standard of fitness etc for a once in a liftime oppotunity to excell on the world stage ,just to have it hijacked.

10-Apr-08, 00:46
Hope you missed the complete and utter farce that happened in San Francisco. No doubt the careful editing of the press images by the Chinese will depict groups of happy, waving torch bearers wending their way through crowded SF streets.

I suppose on one hand the authorities in SF might feel pleased that they avoided the sort of demonstrations seen in London and Paris but, in reality, they should be ashamed at the complete debacle that the whole relay turned into.

And now our glorious leader has declared he will not attend the Olympic opening ceremony. It's not a boycott of course.....