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22-May-03, 22:18
OK all you Neil Gunn fans and any that are not.Does anyone know what is meant by the term "Dark Highlander" when it is descripitive of a person? I would apprecaite information.Thanks

23-May-03, 17:00
Well, you asked....

The Dark Highlander
by Karen Marie Moning
(Dell, $6.99, R) ISBN 0-440-23755-6

Dageus MacKeltar is a 16th century Scot living in self-imposed exile in 21st century New York. In order to save his twin brother’s life, he broke a sacred treaty with the Tuatha De Danann (AKA the Fairy). Now the poor fellow has 13 evil Druid spirits fighting for possession of his soul. Hoping to find a way out of this predicament, he has stolen (OK, “borrowed”) what few remaining antique texts exist on the subject.

In the interim, he’s discovered the only way to starve off the darkness is through sexual pursuit.

Chloe Zanders is a student of antiquities, and disgusted when her boss asks her to deliver a priceless text to Dageus MacKeltar. Just because the man donated some beautiful artifacts doesn’t give him any special rights!

When she arrives at Dageus’ posh penthouse she discovers the stolen manuscripts, and he sees no alternative but to hold her hostage. Problem is, now that he’s met Chloe, he’s ruined for all other women - and our hero needs sex to fight the evil within him. Unfortunately, Chloe is not about to tumble into bed with a man who is not only a thief but a womanizer as well.

What follows is an interesting plot of good vs. evil with some paranormal and time travel elements tossed in for good measure.

23-May-03, 17:03
A dark Highlander with a piercing....


23-May-03, 17:11
A cocktail popular in Manhattan in the '20s - Scotch with blackurrent juice.
A name given to runaway slaves in the American civil war period (Many had Scottish surnames given them by their masters).
Also the type of Tornado encountered in the Applachian Mountains which causes electrical blackouts.
A corruption of the term employed to describe computer nerds in Inverness - DORK HIGHLANDERS.