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05-Apr-08, 12:14
anyone want to share their tips for the grand national.mine is contraband and no full. my advice is bet big on these.

05-Apr-08, 12:15
I have a feeling that the big money lies with tumbling dice.

05-Apr-08, 12:17
perhaps nadover,heard it has good form.:eek:

05-Apr-08, 12:26
king johns castle.

05-Apr-08, 14:22
Dusty Carpet..

It'll take some beating :-)

05-Apr-08, 14:29
Dusty Carpet..

It'll take some beating :-)


How about Mantelpiece?

Your money will still be there in the morning ;)

05-Apr-08, 14:38
I have D'ARGENT and ARDAGHEY (had picked Opera Mundi, but this one is replacing it for some reason) in the sweep stake at work.

I have picked Snowy Morning for my own bet though.. cause its a pretty name! :lol:

05-Apr-08, 16:29
Yippee my horse came in third, so close. Great race. Always say a wee word at the start hoping the all come home safely. One very sad owner and one sad trainer such a shame.

05-Apr-08, 16:30
mines came in third too:)

05-Apr-08, 16:42
Said to my mum this morning i was going to put money on comply or die, ended up not bothering to put anything on...look what happens! So typical isnt it! :(

Mr P Cannop
05-Apr-08, 16:43
my 2 fell.......

Kevin Milkins
05-Apr-08, 16:53
Wife got 4th with Slim Pickins and Mother in Law got 3rd with Snowy Morning
My 2 fell.

05-Apr-08, 17:24
i got the winner with compl or die, hubby got third with snowy morning and son got 4th with last pickings...... not bad going if i say so myself