View Full Version : Doggy Behaviour? Teaching others manners.

04-Apr-08, 17:02
Well bingo must have watched dog whisperer.He knows when to put Tank in his place,as you may see Bingo has a slight advantage over Tank..Hes 19 weeks old now..


04-Apr-08, 17:25
OH No!:eek:
It looks like he's trying to eat him. :eek:
Poor little puppy!

04-Apr-08, 18:06
Hes not.He is a big gentle giant...He is just saying "stop running behind me and nipping my *"*"...He has a habit of chewing on bingo and he had had enough by this time...I have videos of tank chewingon Bingos bottom jaw....

05-Apr-08, 13:54
Lurch used to do the same to Bingo, even after Bingo got bigger than him!!! lol. Besides you can tell in the picture hes not really angry, his tail is wagging so hard its a blur!!!

08-Apr-08, 13:27
your right there hun, bingo does not have a mean bone in him, and him and tank are best of buddies...As for tothers i would never allow one dog to hurt another, this is just my dogs being dogs....

08-Apr-08, 18:28
super photo justine..they are having a fine time in the snow...would loved to have seen the puppy when he discovered the snow...bet it was funny...