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21-May-03, 17:38

I am geographically ignorant and get lost reading the simplest map so maybe someone can answer this question. Is there no place in Caithness where a line of latitude intersects with a line of longitude?
I went to this amazing web site - see above - and found a rhapsodic description of a confluence on Orkney. Why none in Caithness? Have we been short changed?

21-May-03, 20:37
Very cool site! and I'm happy to report that California has not been shortchanged by the Dept. of Confluences. And for the record, Escalon is more than a dash between almond orchards. There is now a huge turkey farm too. Gobble those good vibes. :cool:

Never be as cool as Dirlot tho.......

George Brims
21-May-03, 20:50
No Rich, Caithness just falls between the confluences, though I suppose you could sail out and take a picture of the Caithness coast from the 58 N 2W one. Or perhaps you would only see the top of Morven from there? Someone who lives a little closer than me could go and answer this question.

Maybe when they've filled in all the whole number confluences, they could go to the half degree ones, which would put one right in the middle of Caithness.


21-May-03, 21:41
Hecks George, git out yer abacus, yer cackalator and yer OS map, why wait for those folks to work out the half degree confluences.
Put Caithness on the confluence map. Go Team Caithness.

George Brims
22-May-03, 01:35
No OS map to hand Helen, otherwise I would have posted the exact spot.

Mr Sensitive
22-May-03, 11:06
I dont think I believe in confluences. I went to the one they said is near here yesterday but I couldnt see any lines.

Perhaps someone has stolen it and taken it to Caithness. OK so who was it?

22-May-03, 18:36
shhhhhhhh its that outlaw again

Mr Sensitive
24-May-03, 11:34
Outlaw or inlaw? Who cares? Who has stolen my confluence? There are NO crossed lines on the ground where there should be.

It gets worse. Even the half degree confluences miss Caithness. 58N passes through Brora, whilst 58.5 N passes through Orkney.

24-May-03, 16:35
You are all so ridiculous!!!! :eyes

Every place is on a cross of a line of latitude and longitude - a confluwhatsimabob

My street is on:

Lat N58:26:19 ( 58.438629 )
Long W3:05:11 ( -3.086473 )

Not quiet as sexy as whole numbers i grant you but still a confliwhatsit

24-May-03, 23:58
I agree with you. Latitude & Longitude is measured in Degrees , Minutes & Seconds and a second of Latitude at 56 Degrees north equals a sixtyth of a mile so there are more o they config thinggys than ye can shake a stick at

26-May-03, 14:59
Now I am totally confused. (So what else is news!)
It appears that there is an inexhaustable supply of confluences. SO why doesn't some smart person start selling them to wealthy, gullible Americans?
Or is this just the ravings of someone who is UNDER THE CONFLUENCE....