View Full Version : La Mirage - Helmsdale

Kevin Milkins
03-Apr-08, 20:38
I am sure this place has been recomended many times befor.
We useuly call in if we have been to Inverness or coming up from the airport and a fish and chips.
We went for a drive down to Dunbeath from Wick today and took a walk up the river ,about a 4 mile round trip.
We then went down to Helmsdale for a late lunch and had a small fish tea and I had a strawberry and cream miringue, wife had the toffee one.
I am not sure if it was just the food or the walk had gave us an appitite ,but it was the best meal I have had in ages.

04-Apr-08, 11:17
Snap, Kevin

We were at La Mirage yesterday for the famous fish teas on the way back from being at Raigmore all day.

Had no room for a meringue, but the display case was filled and emptied whilst we were there, so that speaks for itself.

Highly recommend the rest of the menu too.