View Full Version : A Guide to Historic Thurso by Alan R McIvor

03-Apr-08, 18:45
Well today I received my copy - a gift from a kind Caithness friend.
I must say I am really pleased with it and can thoroughly recommend it to all whether you are local or a visitor.

This little book is easy to handle and will fit into your pocket as you walk around Thurso. The pictures are good and the print clear and easy to read.
It's full of snippets of information - just enough to keep your interest as you stroll around.

I like the fact that it is 'smudge-proof' most of my town guides are covered with grubby marks - chocolate or picnic goodies, which will not wipe off !

Listed also, are three town walks clearly marked and numbered on the map.

Well done Mr McIvor, I like it.

Trinkie ( a Weeker !! )

03-Apr-08, 22:01
Totally agree!


04-Apr-08, 08:00
Yes Trinkie, I agree with you wholeheartedly - I even found Mr LB reading my copy last night!!

Very well done Alan R McIvor and Rom-Art Computer Services.

(I'm so glad the you agree Thirsaloon...:roll: :lol:)


04-Apr-08, 08:31
Oh Iím singing the praise oí the new Thurso Guide
A Booklet Iíll keep so close to my side,
As I roam aroond Thurso, baith far and wide
When I next cross the Ord till Caithness.

This booklet so bonnie and shiney and new
Tells me of places I really must view
The stories and walks if I miss, I will rue
When I next cross the Ord till Caithness.

So, Iíll pick up my stick and put on my boots
And head till the north Ė the land of my roots,
The Guideís in ma pockid - the Cheers and the Hoots
Will tell me Iíve landed in Caithness.