View Full Version : Hilights in Thurso

03-Apr-08, 12:16
Would anyone recommend them? I did post in recommendation forum but no one replied. Has anyone used them? I am not getting hilights I am getting my hair cut in the Hairdressers called highlights and want to know what they are like at cutting hair.

03-Apr-08, 12:37
:)Ave had them done but if its blonde that ur putting in and uve got dark hair i dnt advise it,it makes ur hair look rly greasy so ave just gone and put my dark brown on top

03-Apr-08, 13:39
whats everyone else's recomondations for a good hairdressers in thurso, that dont charge way over the top, wanting to get my hair choped of but now sure where to go.

03-Apr-08, 13:42
blow your top are good, also hair at 21(think thats what they called) comfort zone

03-Apr-08, 13:43
Melody at R&M Hairstylists has always been very good IMO - never been disappointed with a cut or colour. She also did my wedding hair for me and flower girls and my sisters. I always thinks she undercharges as she takes time to do it right and I'm always shocked by how cheap she is.

03-Apr-08, 16:16
so seems no one goes to highlights mmmmmmmmmmmmm not good.