View Full Version : best place to eat in wick

D Edge
14-Nov-05, 21:14
hi just wondering peoples thoughts on the best place to eat in wick.

14-Nov-05, 22:20
the French Restaurant, by far

14-Nov-05, 22:50
:D mackay's hotel do lovely meals a little expensive though,
:D thrumster pub (smiddey inn ) yum! yum!

15-Nov-05, 16:54
hi just wondering peoples thoughts on the best place to eat in wick.

Mackay's Hotel is excellent or Sinclair's (formerly the Yard), I think it's really good value for money!!

Spoons is okay on Curry nights and they now do a Chinese night on a Wednesday night..........worth a try.

15-Nov-05, 21:42
french restaurant without a doubt

15-Nov-05, 22:20
chinese ngt in spoons on a wed ngt eh? what kinda things they do?! sounds quite good lek.....

16-Nov-05, 10:26
The yard is without a doubt my favourite, good proper homemade food, big portions and very cheap.

Still haven't tried the french restaurant yet so can't comment on that, i would like to see an italian place open up here.

16-Nov-05, 11:34
Would the Italian sell curry and do chinkies?

17-Nov-05, 23:03
I thought all you could eat in wick after 8pm or on a sunday was chinese( 4 of them?) or an indian(2 of them!) i am refering to takeaway.At least in thurso there are a few chipies, and a couple of them stay open until at least 11pm!

17-Nov-05, 23:43
No 1 mackays the best in town

The Angel Of Death
18-Nov-05, 01:02
had my wedding in the Mackays service and food was top notch

Two very large fat thumbs up !!!

18-Nov-05, 14:49
Yeah, ive always found the food in the mackays excellent,havent they just won some award?The bord d leau is always very good even if the seafood isnt always to my taste.
Wicks restaurants are good unlike the takeaways! Pity you still cant get pizzas from cabrellis, they were good.

twee dledum
18-Nov-05, 18:55
I always go to the Portlands in Lybster. Plenty to choose from. The home baked gammon is good and the homemade shortbread.yum!!

squashed frog
18-Nov-05, 21:30
My wife and myself had a wonderful meal in the Smiddy Inn at thrumster a couple of weeks ago, Large portions and quite possibly the best Haddock I have ever eaten.

I can also recommend the Lamplighter above Houstons chip shop for an excellent meal on the weekends but worth a quick phone call to book as it's only small.

We went to the Portland Arms for a meal last weekend on the way home and found it to be as usual, a lovely meal, the only downside to the Portlands is having to drive home or take a taxi afterwards.

18-Nov-05, 23:28
I too think the French restaurant is best, Mackay's are a close second.

19-Nov-05, 11:02
Mackays hotel followed by the portland arms.

19-Nov-05, 13:22
no.1 bar at mackays has excellent food and friendly service

20-Nov-05, 04:28
mackays hotel first, then the nethercliffe.