View Full Version : Latheron Flowerbeds

20-May-03, 21:29
What on earth has happened to the lovely flower bed display outside Latheron post office. Normaly the flowers are great and a sign is pointing to the directions of Thurso and Wick.

I was so sad to see the pathetic sad sight when i came up last week, is the council planning on dealing with it? or is it more cutbacks from the highland council!

Poor Latheron,they pay the same council tax as in town,no pavements,very little street lighting,and no regular bus service!

Oh but they do have a bin collection service! :confused

20-May-03, 22:30
This is the cause of a petty arguement between the Highland council and Bear Scotland.
Because the latter are responsible for the upkeep of the A99, the Highland council seem to have taken the huff and decided not to look after the flower bed.