View Full Version : Cheap Spag Bol Sauce

14-Nov-05, 13:24
I find Dolmio and Ragu to be quite expensive so I have created a cheap alternative.


one tin of chopped tomatoes
Veggie or real mince
2 tsp Red chillie powder (to taste)
A tblsp Schwarz Italian seasoning or a (marjoram and oregano mix)
2 cloves of crushed garlic or Schwarz garlic powder
a few drops of Woucester sauce or red wine.
Black pepper and salt to taste

simmer for 10 minutes

yum yum yum!!

14-Nov-05, 14:50

I have a similar spag bol sauce which the kids call a "ten minute tea"

I fry onions off too and add them. Its good!!!

Having said that when my brother in law made us a proper Spaghetti bolognese which takes time to make -simmering and bubbling away for ages it was DELICIOUS!!!!