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01-Apr-08, 05:38
I could hardly believe my eyes when I read about this on the Caithness.Org front page of April 1st! Is this an April Fools' Day joke??? :roll: It's the first I've heard of the Dunnet Head cliffs being painted white, in imitation of the White Cliffs of Dover. Supposedly as a tourist attraction! Now if this is indeed true, and not a joke, how could painted white cliffs possibly compete in popularity with the naturally white chalk cliffs at Dover? Not to mention the huge cost and upkeep involved! Personally, I prefer the Dunnet Head cliffs 'au naturel'!

01-Apr-08, 06:10
Is this an April Fools' Day joke??? :roll:

Yes. [smirk]

01-Apr-08, 07:30
Caught me out for about 10 seconds, then I remembered the date!

01-Apr-08, 08:17
Surely this must be true. If it were an April Fool joke they would be painting the cliffs tartan.

01-Apr-08, 08:19
Bet that caught a few out! Well done to whoever thought it up.

01-Apr-08, 08:44
This is fantastic news. Unfortunately, I believe the contract is being staffed by immigrant workers from Helmsdale, I hope that at least the paint has been sourced in Caithness.:roll:

I propose we build on this success story and introduce our own version of Blackpools' 'Golden Mile'. We could have neon lobsters and giant animated bottles of Old Pulteney adorning the roads.

Any suggestions for suitable locations?

01-Apr-08, 09:45
Well Done.......as good as the flying Penguins being shown on tv this morning

01-Apr-08, 10:03
Nothing like a good giggle to start the day, congratulations to the perpertrator.

01-Apr-08, 11:11
Wow, it totally took me in! And those flying penguins weren't real either? Gosh I am gullible.

I think that I will stick to saying happy birthday to weeboyagee.

01-Apr-08, 11:32
I hear they're also repopulating Dunnet with Scotlands native Bluebird.

01-Apr-08, 11:48
I was just girding my loins to say what a waste of money when I remembered the date!!! What a good one and well done who ever thought of it. It certainly gave me a laugh. :lol:

Bill Fernie
01-Apr-08, 12:02
Glad to hear that raised a smile. I twisted another one that was put out by Sandtex and really was about the White Cliffs of Dover.
For reference later - http://www.caithness.org/fpb/2008/march/cliffs/index.htm

01-Apr-08, 16:44
I have to admit, you did pull a good 'un, Bill! :lol:

Perhaps the new song would go:

There'll be puffins on it
The White Cliffs of Dunnet
Today is
April Fools you see! ;)

01-Apr-08, 17:06
I'll admit it now, I thought the penguins were legit.

I'm quite disappointed now.:(

Kevin Milkins
01-Apr-08, 20:26
Done me like a kipper.
very good

01-Apr-08, 21:28
Flying penguins here if you're interested (or can't get the iPlayer to work)...