View Full Version : Draikies cottage, Inverness

01-Apr-08, 00:07
Help,.. i have lost the phone number of Draikies Cottage,Old Perth Road, next to Raigmore Hospital opposite Raigmore Motel and cant find it anywhere. Does anyone know it please?

01-Apr-08, 17:06
Sorry, can't help, Fran, but I hope you find it before you fall off page 1 again!

01-Apr-08, 23:03
Was that the right number?

07-Apr-08, 18:42
The right number is 01463236030, a great b and b leading up to the ambulance station, next to Raigmore Hospital, only 25 per person, run by Elaine and Kenny.

07-Apr-08, 21:47
delighted you got what you were looking for. At least your will forever find it here if you misplace it again.:lol: