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31-Mar-08, 19:48
Does anyone know a horse whisperer type person in the area???

My daughter's horse has had a sudden personality change and has turned into a bucking bronco from a sweet natured, gentle horse! We are having the vet check him out, but would really like some expert advice. She's heartbroken.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

31-Mar-08, 21:23
Isabel Hogton visits Caithness regularly. Not sure when she is due back up, but if you contact Catriona Kennedy through the Riding Club website she might know. Isabel also comes up to see dogs, so someone through the dog club might know when she's due back. We had her in October I think it was, so think she should be about due back. Hope this helps.

31-Mar-08, 21:27
That's brilliant - thanks!

31-Mar-08, 21:29
here is her website http://www.horselistenerscotland.co.uk/