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30-Mar-08, 18:42
Here s Buster our new addition from Balmore. He s a liitle on the plump side but he s lovely. Notice his little white moustache looks as though he s got a milk moustache like on the adverts http://img296.imageshack.us/img296/8977/image010nt0.jpg

30-Mar-08, 19:55
Aah he's lovely :) What's Max saying to is new pal then? Was he trying to go one better and get the white beard because Buster has a lovely white tache :lol:

30-Mar-08, 20:12
Max a liitle frightened o him (the big baby) hidin behind me in settee :)

31-Mar-08, 09:17
He's lovely.....and very lucky getting a nice home with you.
What's the story behind his arrival at Balmore?

31-Mar-08, 11:23
He came from a old folks home. Scratched one o the residents so health and safety wouldnt let them keep him. All the better for us. Hes just slotted in here just think hes been here for ever. We all love him to bits already. Got a couple o lovely lurchers Evelyn (INTERESTED :) )

31-Mar-08, 11:33
I've enough with my own couple o lovely lurchers, two cats and a few strays and all!!!!
Better keep away from Balmore though cos I'm easily won over!!!!
Delighted that Buster is settling in......he's quite like Bob, our kitten.

31-Mar-08, 13:22
looks like he has the ...im boss ...look in his eye....he is lucky he found a nice family...xx

05-Apr-08, 20:43
Sadly we had to put Buster back to Balmore as he wasn't getting on way Max. We are really gutted at this but Max comes 1st. Who ever takes on Buster will get a really lovely cat hopefully very soon

05-Apr-08, 23:10
Awww sorry to hear that, sometimes it just doesn't work out.
Thinkin of ye and Buster......its such a hard decision to make.
He'll get a forever home soon I'm sure.