View Full Version : Tattie Scones

Anne x
30-Mar-08, 14:53
12 ozs Potatoes Peeled sliced cooked for 20mins til done
1/2 ozs Butter
3 ozs Plain or wholemeal Flour
drop of Milk
flour for dusting
little oil for Frying
Salt & Pepper

Mash potatoes with the butter
Season with salt & pepper
beat in the flour
if dry add a drop milk
make into a ball divide in 8 pieces
roll out til 1/4 ins thick
lightly fry in heavy frying pan about 3 mins each side
or until Golden Brown

you can also add 2 tblsp chives and 2 tblsp parsley
to make Herby scones

right Dessie I am all Sconed out !!![lol]