View Full Version : Girdle Scones

Anne x
30-Mar-08, 14:18
1/2 lb Flour
Pinch Salt
1tbls Baking Powder
1tsp Caster Sugar
2ozs Butter
1/4pt Milk

Sift flour salt baking powder
stir in the sugar
Rub in the butter
make a well in centre stir in milk
gradually til stiff dough is formed
divide the dough in half roll out
into 2 rounds 1/2 in thick
cut each round into 4 triangles
dust with little flour
heat griddle or heavy frying pan
cook the scones for about 5mins
each side or until risen and golden brown
serve right away dripping with butter

30-Mar-08, 15:40
now you are making my mouth water maybe I should rumage around and dissolve a tablespoon of Black treacle in the milk and make myself some treacle girdle scones yummy

Anne x
30-Mar-08, 15:45
great Idea but if you do add a little less milk

30-Mar-08, 20:03
Thanks for tip, they were delicious ive been told, but as I was cooking who got the last and only one. my OH is bloating they were lovely all afternoon!!!
o well i`ll try again on my own sometime.