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30-Mar-08, 08:17
The Pleasure of a Greenhouse
By ĎJeepigillí

In a greenhouse bright and gay
All your troubles fade away,
Sweet contentment there you find
Joy of heart and peace of mind;
In a world thatís all your own
Something planted, something sown,
Anticipation gives you zest,
Ever hoping for the best.

Waiting for the sunís warm rays
Dispelling winterís stormy days,
Springís sweet influences soon will show
Itís powers in making all things grow.
Plants take on a different sheen
Dormant things become more green,
Winter ravages repaired,
Mutual pleasures then are shared.

Chrysanthemums are taking root,
Beginning slowly just to shoot,
Doubts dispelled, and now you know,
All things equal they will grow.
Potting on as needs may be,
If pot bound you soon will see
When frosts are past, outside they go,
To summer quarters, row by row.

Other things will take their place,
And fill up every vacant space,
A colour scheme of many shades,
All through the Summer then pervades.
With Autumn coming to an end
Chrysanths will pay their dividend
When housed once more beneath the glass
Their beauty nothing can surpass.
All through the dark months of the year
Will bring to all the best of cheer

Of colours nearly every hue
Just to mention but a few,
Salmon, lilac, bronze and cream,
Something like a pleasant dream,
White and all the shades of reds
Mauve and pinks of many shades
Yellows in their tints of gold
The only one in days of old
From which the botanists did raise
All other colours down the days.

A pleasant pastime is this hobby
Can be shared by anybody
Watching Natureís work unfold,
That showers us blessings manifold;
A resting place in time of strain,
Soothing to the mind and brain,
Other worries cast aside,
Pleasant feelings here abide.

How I agree with Jeepigill, to whom Thanks for this lovely thought, I'm sure many folk will agree with you .
Thanks too, to my Caithness friend who sent me this the other day, just as I was about to attend to my Greenhouse !!

Mother Bear
01-Apr-08, 22:26
That's lovely ! Have just printed it out to put up in my greenhouse! Thanks for sharing it.