View Full Version : Ginger Cat Found (Wick) Again!

29-Mar-08, 19:09
Right we have another ginger cat found, again in Wick again up at the new houses above the footy pitch, hungry and quite friendly, but has been on the go for a good few weeks, ( was caught by MM Millers before under the new builds up there ) and has been caught again, now out with me getting some food and milk, I will post some pics tomorrow, but if anyone knows someone looking for a mostly ginger cat drop me a line, cheers

30-Mar-08, 19:58
You are a good samaritan mooncat :-) I bet puss is in the lap of luxury right now. !

(Or are you really a cat-napper [lol][para])

31-Mar-08, 15:01
Wel done you for taking him in, but i do think he is a stray...We see him all the time up by south school and down by millers all the time...I am not sure if he is owned or has been abandoned...Or he could simply be going from house to house looking sad for food....Hope he fins his home soon...

01-Apr-08, 17:13
It is so good of you to look after all these poor strays.

Wish there were more people like you.:D Well done!

01-Apr-08, 17:14
Well it has been house trained and is now getting a bit more friendly with each meal, we will be taking him into the vets soon for a check up, but if we cant find his real home, he will just stay with me, cheers for the info.

09-Apr-08, 16:03
Just an update for those who want to know, but ( Riley as he is now called ) will be staying with me, he has had a clean bill of health and is approx 5yrs old, still getting used to the comforts of a comfy cat bed and regular food, but is adapting very easily, ;-)


09-Apr-08, 17:53
That is great news! Well done!:D