View Full Version : How did ye get into music?

Cedric Farthsbottom III
28-Mar-08, 23:41
For me it was a group of about 15 guys oot playin fitbaw as much as we could until daylight made it impossible.Every so often we would all sit down and blether about music.
Then we all got paper jobs,milk round jobs and tattie jobs and wee boys could now buy music for themselves.Ma first three albums a bought wi ma own money were"Under a Blood Red Sky" by U2,"Crises" by Mike Oldfield and "Misplaced Childhood" by Marillion.Soon realised that many of their albums had followed before,so I saved up and caught up with all their albums before.
So now during the 10 hour fitbaw matches we could blether more,cos we all had got into music of our own.AC/DC,Black Sabbath,U2,Simple Minds,Big Country,The Clash,Queen,Dire Straits,Marillion,Iron Maiden,The Sex Pistols and last but not least Erasure.
These fitbaw guys,couldnae change ma personal music,especially Stevie wi Erasure,but I thank them for the music taste I have today.:D

29-Mar-08, 00:05
Radio Luxembourg, my parents' record collection.

First single I bought was The Clash, first album was Elvis.