View Full Version : Bob Dillon sings Bedingfield

Cedric Farthsbottom III
28-Mar-08, 23:03
A songwriter with turning twirls of rhyme
Fulfilled in music he has been
But for Bob to sing in yer company
A sight that not many folk have seen

Through beergoggled eyes I could clearly see
This mystic being wi microphone and guitar
It sounded like Bob Dillon,
But in ma bedroom,naw this is too far

For would Dillon sing Daniel Bedingfield
Would Dillon have made all his riches
Naw but second coming ye did the biz
And biy we were all in stitches

A week has passed I've see it still
Although in memory it comes in spurts
But by christ ma biy ye made me laugh
And ma jaw and laughing bone still hurts:lol::lol:

28-Mar-08, 23:12
Good one Edric u did say ud make a ditty up for it lol