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28-Mar-08, 13:02
Im looking for a band to play at my wedding and wondering if anyone can recommend one, Im looking for one that will play abit of everything for all age groups, any advice would be great :) Thanks

28-Mar-08, 13:54

28-Mar-08, 14:06
Prolific are good don't know if they do weddings but worth finding out.

28-Mar-08, 14:08
Half Canned are very good, best wedding dance I was it was then that was playing. Whiskey are very good too.
Hope that helps
Katy x

28-Mar-08, 14:36
Yep Whisky will give you a good knees up - www.whisky-band.co.uk (http://www.whisky-band.co.uk)

28-Mar-08, 14:37
If you're after some traditional Scots sets and a mix of more modern fiddle based music - Whiskey.

29-Mar-08, 14:18
Remix are brilliant

Jigsaw from Conon Bridge are also excellent and are concentrating on weddings and functions now instead of the tourists in local hotels. Google "Jigsawduo" for contact details and profiles of the two Bills and their musical talents.

30-Mar-08, 16:44
Paul an Belinda r rele good!!!!

30-Mar-08, 18:00
Willie Oliphant fae Solo Venture has a band called
Impact he has a lassie playing in the band we him
im having him at my wedding in a few months time
theyre really good.
Also Remix is a brilliant band

Anne x
31-Mar-08, 00:13
The Jacks ye canna beat
Geordie Jack and his sons from Golspie
Whisky and Rossie Murray
Bands both excellent for wedding dances

31-Mar-08, 14:52
i agree, the jacks are really good, will play anything you ask for and always have the floor full of dancers, had them at our wedding and were superb, id advise booking in advance though we had to book ayear in advance as they are that busy.

31-Mar-08, 19:09
We had KW1 for our wedding they were absolutly fantastic they learned our first song as it wasnt one that they had done before and any other songs that we wanted they would learn to. They gave us a dance to remember.

01-Apr-08, 09:06
I had diesel and dust for my wedding and they were brilliant,all guests were pleased that there was a various type of music for all ages.


02-Apr-08, 19:29
Box of Bannanas!! Dont know if they do weddings but ace band.

05-Apr-08, 11:53
I had remix at my wedding and the dance floor was never empty.

Cliff Claven
06-Apr-08, 15:49
Remix are without doubt the best band for a wedding in the county. If you can't get them then I would go for The Jacks/Colorado or whatever they're called these days.

08-Apr-08, 12:40
Just a slightly different tack (as I play in a wedding band), but although a good band is a huge benefit, for me its a great audience (one that's up for a party and able to enjoy themselves) and a well laided out venue with good acoustics/lighting that make for a fabulous gig/wedding experience.

You can have the best band in the world, but if the audience isn't comfortable and in the mood to respond it can quickly turn into a poor night all round.:eek:

09-Apr-08, 16:36
hey Thanks for all the replys, its been a great help , now i just have to pick one :)

thanks again,

Deemac what band do you play in ? thanks

09-Apr-08, 20:54
I play with "Whisky".

Check out www.whisky-band.co.uk (http://www.whisky-band.co.uk)
and www.bebo.com/whiskyband (http://www.bebo.com/whiskyband) for further info/music samples/videos/photos etc.

Get in touch if your interested and I'll arrange a quote for you.:Razz

13-Apr-08, 08:37
Hey Donna

Congrats on getting hitched


04-May-08, 21:37
Thanks for booking Whisky. I'm sure the dance will be great.

See you June 2010 . . . . . . . . :Razz