View Full Version : anyone used them foam pads for painting

27-Mar-08, 21:16
going to paint this weekend and i usually use a roller , but i cant help getting myself and everything else covered in paint and splatters. was wondering if them foam pads are any good. do you get a good coverage like you do with a roller.
cheers in advance

27-Mar-08, 21:18
We used them and they are great for ceilings, no real mess at all until I got some on the side and smeared it along the wall by mistake so keep a cloth handy but no splatters.

27-Mar-08, 21:21
Yep they're great but we usually end up having to do 2 coats with them . However it's so fast and clean that 2 coats only take about the same time as one coat with a roller!

27-Mar-08, 21:38
cheers. i will make a purchase tomorrow and see if i can get more paint on walls than myself.

Kevin Milkins
01-Apr-08, 13:41
My wife is painting down stairs now and she has used them for years and even puts gloss on with them. Whenever I have used them I seem to put the paint on with one stroke and take it back off with the next.
It seems that if you can get the hang of useing them they are exelent.

01-Apr-08, 21:14
Got a bone to pick with you Emszxr! Mention of said pads got OH in the mood so we spent Sunday doing lobby, landing, stairs & front porch in warm peach, she then did the downstairs loo for good measure on Monday.

Thanks a lot :roll: