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27-Mar-08, 20:24
First day/night back to work since Easter break hence the reason for such a late post but wanted to draw attention to the wonderful lassies who were braving the bitter weather on Monday to hand out Easter eggs to the kids so that they wouldn't be disappointed going home empty handed.

My partner and i had travelled all the way from Wick with our 2 kids (7 + 5) unaware that it had been cancelled (blue skies and sunshine for a change in Wick :lol:) and when we arrived we sat in the car waiting for the storm, yes storm, to abate when there was a rattle at the window and a lovely young lassie explained that it had been cancelled but gave us 2 eggs so that the kids wouldn't be disappointed.

I don't know of any other event that i've been to in the county where such a nice thing has happened, it would have been just as easy for them to stay indoors, where it was nice and cosy, than do what they did.

It was a rubbish day (weather wise) but we still went home with a warm and fuzzy feeling thanks to those lassies.


27-Mar-08, 20:39
Hallo Namche,
What a lovely story ! Thank you for telling us. Of course I'm not at all surprised at the kindness of the Castletown lassies !
Surely this is the Easter Message personified ??

Well done to all.

And welcome to you !

27-Mar-08, 22:24
Come on now - Barrock lassies. I'm sure that castletown lassies are just as fine though !

28-Mar-08, 13:20
Unfortunately myself and my daughter (3) felt the complete opposite. The weather was awful from the car park until you got just inside the forest where it was fairly shelter but I didn't see anyone I recognised from scallywags and had to assume it was cancelled. We arrived a few minutes after 12, when lots of others were arriving and hung around for a while then went for a wee wonder before returning to the car.
Usually very impressed with the events they organise but I was disappointed no one was around to let us know.

28-Mar-08, 14:49
Have to say we were disapointed too, travelling from Wick on monday with two kids aged 4 and 5 so excitable in the car and looking forwad to going egg hunting. When we arrived the weather was bad but there were loads of cars so we assumed it was still on, we waited in the car for about 15 mins by then we saw people coming back to their cars so we got out to speak and a man told us that it had been cancelled and that it had been put on the internet, i do not go online in the mornings i dont have time, they could have had a sign up stating it was cancelled. We still went a walk in the forest as the kids were all ready and wrapped up to go in the snow. After the disapointment we took kids back home.

28-Mar-08, 15:37
On behalf of Scallywags nursery can i appologise if we didn't make it to you child with an easter egg. We were advised to cancell the event by the police due to the weather. We did advertise that it was cancelled on MFR and Caithness.org as soon as possible. We also tried to catch as many people whom did arive at the forest and give their children easter eggs.
We hope to see you at events in the future. And can only appologise that we had to cancell this one.

Claire Clark
Scallywags Chairperson