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26-Mar-08, 18:50
Saw this in a magazine this week

I tried phoning BT and could probably write a book on the nightmare obstacle course of recorded announcements, wrong departments and downright wrong advice.
Sound familiar? Well yes of course, we've all done it so what's so special? The magazine is dated September 1998.

I wanted to ask BT a question the other day but couldn't face the hassle. Do you remember when you could phone 151 and get a person who knew what you were talking about? Happy days so long ago. Is this progress?

26-Mar-08, 18:55
My O/H rang them and asked them to cancel the caller display as we were being charged for it and not using it. The man in Calcutta said 'So... you want to cancel the free caller display?'
Hubby said 'It's not free we're being charged for it.'
He was asked which page of the bill this was on, he told them, the man hmm'ed and haa'ed and then said...
'Right, so you want to cancel the free caller display?'

Hubby gave up and just said yes please.....

26-Mar-08, 19:20
We seem to have been having loads of trouble lately with our phone. Last two times phoning to report a fault (when I eventually got through to a human being) I was told I had to check to make sure the handset wasn't faulty as otherwise I would be charged an exorbitant call-out fee. I was also told to go to a neighbours to check it in her socket! Bearing in mind we still hire our phone from BT (must get that sorted) I thought that was a bit rich.

So the last time I phoned to report my broadband was really slow, or could not get connected at all, I was all set for the usual claptrap and do you know I was pleasantly surprised. When I eventually got through to my Indian helper he told me what to do and within a couple of minutes it was fixed. Fantastic, my faith has been restored somewhat but its not like the old days is it?