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26-Mar-08, 10:32
A big thank you to Rom-Art for fixing my 'puter! There had been a lot of things going wrong with it but I just ignored it until one day it gave a sigh and died! :~(

To the rescue came Robin of Rom-Art; spent less than an hour fixing things, even gave me back my sound which had been lost since years! I had been on the point of buying a new system but no need now; many, many thanks Robin. :)

26-Mar-08, 15:05
Hey I wonder if this will get moved to the General section with a stickie.


Good to hear there is an honest PC repair option in Caithness.

It is so easy to make such a job three hours.


26-Mar-08, 16:36
PMSL BB - good idea!!! :lol:

Thanks Torvaig, glad to have helped! :cool: