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25-Mar-08, 11:27
Does anybody know the best way to get a horse transported from here to Forres. Actual date doesnt matter provided its roughly in the next 2-3 weeks.

I dont have a horse box, or a vehicle that could pull one, or a licence to do it so I'm stumped!

Any ideas gratefully received.

25-Mar-08, 13:19
Eric Ghillie is probably the best one to contact. Don't know if he'll be up this way in the next couple of weeks, but I got a price from him to take a pony from her to Fife and it was very reasonable. I didn't use him, I ended up taking her myself, but he has a really really good reputation.

Also you could try putting an ad on the Riding Club website incase anyone is going down that way and were willing to take your horse for you - of course, this could raise insurance issues etc. You'll find them on the entertainment section.

25-Mar-08, 15:13
You have a few weeks?

Ride it!

25-Mar-08, 15:18
If only it was last week, a friend took her horse to forres, worth putting a note in the riding club notice board.

25-Mar-08, 21:24
I've tried Eric Gillie but they doubted they'd come up this far, I'm going to try them again though as everyone says they do!

I've emailed a note to the Caithness Riding Club website too. Thanks for tip.

If I could organise the B&B along the way I'd definately ride down!

25-Mar-08, 22:23
i know for definate they come up to brora, so i am sure they would go to caithness

25-Mar-08, 22:26
eric gillie's lorries definately come up here as we used them to take our horse up from england. very good service.

Bill Fernie
25-Mar-08, 22:59
Eric Gillies has a web site
Specialised Horse Transport - Eric Gillhie
I have added the link to the Horses section in case anyone is looking for it again

26-Mar-08, 06:46
we used eric gillie twice - fantastic equipment and drivers

26-Mar-08, 13:10
used them to take a horse Durran to Inverurie - cost 200 plus VAT i think ..... good service but Jane hates e-mail so phone them!!!

26-Mar-08, 22:19
eric gillie's lorries definately come up here as we used them to take our horse up from england. very good service.

he brought ours up for us too

05-Apr-08, 22:09
Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for ideas. Horse was shifted today by 'Fararri Horse Feeds' he was really good with the horse and has a spacious modern box. He kept an eye on her on the cctv throughout the journey and kept an eye out that I was managing to follow him ok since I didn't know the way. I'd highly recommend him.