View Full Version : Caithness Tyres in Wick

24-Mar-08, 23:25
What good service we always have in Caithness Tyres, today hubbie thought the battery in his van was knackered so he took it in to get a replacement, the chap had a look at it, tweaked the terminals and it was as good as new, he could just have easily said it was worn out and sold him a new one, there was no charge, one very happy hubbie!
Every time we have been in there for tyres, batteries etc they are always polite and efficient and reasonably priced, well done Caithness Tyres!:Razz

26-Mar-08, 22:53
Thats where we always go for tyres, excellent, efficient service. If your tyres are still legal he'l tel you too!!

26-Mar-08, 23:05
Can't go wrong with CTC.
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27-Mar-08, 15:00
canna beat patty for reliability & good service!! He's sorted us out many times!!

27-Mar-08, 22:48
You always get good service and good crack from Patty. I took my car up there one day to get tyres and I'd been having trouble with it starting and when I went to collect it it wouldn't go. He tweaked it and got it going and told me what was wrong so I knew what I was speaking about when I took it to garage. :)

Kevin Milkins
01-Apr-08, 13:37
Get mine done there and as already stated ,nothing is to much trouble.
Were ever else I take my vehicle it always seems to be a drama.