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14-May-03, 16:15
I currently have a laptop and want to upgrade it to a newer faster version. Does anyone know how I can transfer all the settings/programmes (e.g. I use incredimail) etc from my existing laptop to my new laptop.
I really dont want to have to go and download material from the internet again!!
I have loads of photos etc stored and dont have a CDRW so have no way of transferring them. Someone informed me that you can do a laplink that allows you to transfer information from one source to another is this correct?
Any help would be gratefully received
Thanks :D

14-May-03, 16:43
Yes, you can set up a link between one computer and the next, but it isn't the easiest thing in the world to do.

Also, you will find that simply transferring programmes in this way won't work. Each different computer model/configuration requires different drivers and settings to work. f you transfer your old system over the top of the new one you will find that a lot of things (video, sound, modem, etc) stop working.

Although it may not sound it, the easiest way to get your programmes working is to reinstall them from scratch.

As for transferring photos, etc, have you thought of uploading them to the internet. Often there are free sites which will let you do this.. e.g. http://briefcase.yahoo.com. That will save the hassle of laplink cables etc.but you are going to have the time of uploading and downloading all the files.

If you really feel you have to laplink the machines, I would get a computer bod to do it as they are then a) experienced and b) reasonably responsible if they lose your data.

Good luck

14-May-03, 16:57
Thanks for your help. I didnt know anything about the laplink so your advice is useful. I never thought about uploading the photos to the internet! I think I may take your advice and reinstall everything from scratch.
Thanks again
Lyndsay :lol:

George Brims
14-May-03, 17:50
Another option is to buy yourself an external CD/RW drive that runs off your USB port. For a lot of purposes, an out of date (and slower) one that you can pick up pretty cheap will do the job. Try places like www.computersurplusoutlet.com or www.pcliquidator.com . Those are both in the US but I'm sure there are similar places in the UK/Europe.

Here's something I always nag people about at work - you should NEVER store your data files (pictures, documents etc) in the directory belonging to the program. Keep separate directories for each category - or for each person if the machine is shared. That way it's much easier to transfer all that stuff to another computer when you upgrade (not to mention easier to find them day to day). My son just lost a couple of hundred electronic pictures because he had them scattered all over the place, and didn't back them up before reformatting the disk. The people at work listen to me more than he does!