View Full Version : Line Dancing School

19-Mar-08, 23:27
Does anyone ken a good line dancing school in wick
that i could put my daughters to, they have been
getting taught it at school, they did a wee dance
for me last nite & they were really good at it &
seem very interested in taking it up. They are aged
7 & 8 years.

21-Mar-08, 15:19
Hi there, i would try Jade Doull, she's a really good line dancer and know she has started up a school. Don't know her number but as far as i know they are in the bb hall. She has a poster up on the notice board outside town hall.
Hope this helps

21-Mar-08, 16:15
Cheers i will give her a shout

26-Mar-08, 22:50
Where has line dancing disappeared 2????? I used to do it as a kid and would love to take it up again, do you no if anyone does classes for adults?

It was angela i went to at one point in the norseman! (years back)