View Full Version : Tall Pines , Dornoch

17-Mar-08, 19:53
Coming up from Fraserburgh last night ,pulled in at the Tall Pines near Dornoch for a bite to eat ,was the first time i`d been there ,certainly wont be the last ,excellent food and plenty of it , quick service and good value !!!

17-Mar-08, 20:52
Totally agree, been a few times now excellent food and service, really breaks up the journey nicely :D

17-Mar-08, 20:55
Do they have many vegetarian choices?

We have passed the place so many times, and it always seems quite busy. We keep saying we are going to stop there sometime for a meal - might do it next week, seeing as it has been recommended on here!

17-Mar-08, 21:07
not sure about vegetarian but their salads are beautiful.

17-Mar-08, 21:51
Would highly recommend their Roast of the Day

18-Mar-08, 00:06
Would highly recommend their Roast of the Day

As long as it's Quorn Roast, it will be fine for me! :Razz

18-Mar-08, 02:53
I always stop there as it is very clean and has a good menu.Nice big car park and petrol too.

18-Mar-08, 08:42
I've passed this but never been...what are their prices like?

Poultney lad
18-Mar-08, 12:19
very cheap , and food is top nosh:D

18-Mar-08, 14:50
very cheap , and food is top nosh:D

Typical isn't it?

There's a cheap restaurant..

..which also happens to have "top nosh" food...

...yet it's so far away! GRRR! [evil]

18-Mar-08, 17:13
Usually call there on our way backfrom Inverness, but always go to Skiach on way down as Tall Pines Breakfast not value for money.

18-Mar-08, 17:53
Have been at the Tall Pines often for meals at all different times and vastly prefer their breakfast to the Skiach. Last twice at the Skiach my breakfast was inedible.

Tall Pines was always our stopping place on the way home, however sometimes the call of a fish tea at La Mirage in Helmsdale is stronger.

Facilities at Tall Pines are far superior though, always lovely and clean no matter what time of day we have visited.