View Full Version : has anyone lost a kitten?

17-Mar-08, 00:08
we have found a kitten or should i say it found us !!!!
it came into the house about an hour ago up in girnigoe street
its a lovley wee thing brown and black fluffy tabby.
if anyone knows who it belongs to you can phone me on 07799251855

17-Mar-08, 09:22
Mybe it's not lost..but an outdoor cat ><

17-Mar-08, 13:09
If it is a very young kitten it shouldn't be out on its own.

Have you tried calling Cats Protection, SSPCA and the Vets in case someone has reported it missing?

17-Mar-08, 13:42
its to friendly to be an outdoor cat !!!
and your right it is to young to be out on its own!!!
i have got somone who wants the kitten and i know it would be spoilt rotten by her but how long should i keep her with me incase somone claims her???
i cant keep her as i have two older cats 10 and 14 and they are not to happy about this baby being here???