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16-Mar-08, 16:13
Guys, I am moving back home in 2 months and would appreciate to know if there are any benefits of using a local company rather than one from down here in Smoke?

Cheers - Ski

16-Mar-08, 20:41
probably find one cheaper down thare...more competiton better prices ...
good luck with your move...but i will add to that...it might be worth giving the local firms a call ...and see if they have an empty van returning north...

16-Mar-08, 20:46
Give Colin Mackenzie a call. Very good and great rates.

16-Mar-08, 20:55
Ta for the replies, I have been pm'd by Mackenzies already.

I hate moving as it's such a big upheaval, but at least this will be my last one

Ski :)