View Full Version : Domestic oil suppliers

09-Nov-05, 11:32
Can anyone think of domestic oil suppliers up here? (Thurso/Wick area) I want to phone around and get quotes before filling up my oil tank for the winter and Simpsons are the only supplier I can think of........being new to oil heating you see.

09-Nov-05, 13:49
Try Scottish Fuels down at scrabster.

09-Nov-05, 14:33
Tell them how much you need as well because the more you buy the cheaper it is, ask them(Simpsons and Scottish oils) the prices dependant on the amount you take, it can make a noticable difference in costs.In the last 3 years i have bought my oil from them both as prices change daily

09-Nov-05, 16:43
Has anyone tried mixing their old chip pan oil to domestic oil? It may be a small but significant mitigation to fossil fuel useage