View Full Version : violin teacher?

16-Mar-08, 14:53
Can anyone recommend a good violin teacher who is not too busy!!
Thanks, can play a bit just needing a bit more direction.

16-Mar-08, 18:49
Try the guys who are listed in the .org Arts Directory:


Addie (Andrew) Harper & Gordon Gunn are the best if you're looking for a fiddle teacher. Elizabeth's more into classical stuff if that's what you're after. I'm not sure if Karen Steven's still teaching, but if she is she's also a really nice person. If you get stuck, send me a private message & I'll give you some more phone numbers to try - there are a few Caithness Orchestra violinists who also teach violin, and a few Strathspey & Reel Society guys who teach fiddle.

Good luck!

17-Mar-08, 09:53
Thanks for that, Managed to get someone, who sounds lovely.!